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The resolutions are dropping like flies.

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And I know you think this means I'm abandoning them. It's ok. It's an accurate assumption. I know I'm weak.

But I haven't, my dearies. I haven't abandoned them yet. In fact, just yesterday I signed up for a creative writing workshop at the local community college. The first two Saturdays in March will find me back in a classroom and I am psyched. You should be, too. It just might improve the quality of this narcissistic drivel.

I also opened a new savings account. The one I had was tied to my checking account online which meant that every time I needed $20, I just sent it on over the border into Checking Land. Dollars like Checking Land: it's from there that they get to go back out into the real world.

BUT! Not so anymore! A week ago I read this post on Want Not that stressed the importance of saving money. I've been saying I should open an account like this for years but never made the rhetoric a reality. This post was the kick in the pants I needed. Last Friday, my friends, I did it: every two weeks the bank makes an automatic deposit from funds in my checking account. And if I ever want to withdraw any of it? I have to wait 5 days. (If I'm wrong about this, don't tell me.)

So . . .

  • Sign up for a writing class this year? CHECK!
  • Open a new savings account? CHECK!
Now all I have left to do is lose 15 pounds and stop smoking.

HA! I kill me! If I stopped smoking I'd have to change the name of this blog to something like "Most of the Things I Like Cause Cancer" and it just isn't as catchy.



amy & jeff said...

On behalf of our fine institution, I welcome you to community college. I took creative writing two semesters ago at a different campus. Hilarity ensued.

Whiskeymarie said...

Come to where I work and take cooking classes from me.
That would be fun!

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

closet smoker here... I "quit" last December but have been a little cheating creep while my husband is away this week.

It's delicious.

Schmutzie said...

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