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have to pee. must vote. have to pee. must vote.

Posted by Gwen |

Things I am hating right this instant:

  • That my car battery was dead this morning when I went out to leave for work.
  • That we're having torrential rainstorms only days after getting 8 inches of snow.
  • That traffic was so effing bad that even though I left work with an hour and forty minutes left to vote, I barely made it.
  • That I had to run in the torrential rain across a huge street and schoolyard to get to the front door of the school where I vote only to find that you're only allowed in the back of the school to vote. This was not the case last year. When I voted in the morning. Because my car started.
  • That I couldn't wear my warm coat today because Skylar turned over a vase of fresh flowers all over it (and the dining room table, and the dining room chairs, and an antique table runner) in order to get a drink. His water bowl was full and less than 10 feet away.
  • That Randy Jackson ALWAYS says, "A hundred million percent yes!" This is mathematically impossible and makes me yell profanities at my TV.
  • That my kitchen floor is covered in crumbs and they are sticking to my wet socks.
  • That I can't sweep the crumbs because my broom is still on the back porch from clearing the snow and now it's soaking wet from the rain.

But you know what? A woman and a black man were on my ballot tonight. I love the progression that implies.


Killer said...

If you vote for Dick Cheney he will come to your house and clean up for you.

For his service to Haliburton he gets Missouri when he leaves office, so you had better be nice to him.

amy & jeff said...