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Snowed in!

Posted by Gwen |

Thank God I had taken today off! This is what my back yard looks like from the back door. Inside the back door, that is; I'm not going out there!

I'm certain this is the most snow we've had in a very long time because I've lived in this house for three years and have never purchased a snow shovel. I've never needed one. My next-door neighbor was kind enough to scoop the front for me.

So here I am at home, busily preparing the house for guests. My friends Johnny and Laura B are driving down from Chicago tonight to partake in the Mardi Gras festivities tomorrow. So far today I have ironed and hung the new curtains in the guest room, stripped both beds, done a ton of "laundry" bedding, roasted garlic for snacks later, made a pot of chicken orzo soup (great for a hung-over tummy), ironed and hung the newly-washed shower curtain, brought the coffee pot and other sundry Mardi Gras necessities (BIG CUPS!) from the basement and washed them, made a pitcher of iced tea (also great for a hang over), washed the ceiling fan in the kitchen (it was GROSS!) and put fresh flowers in the guest room.

Left to do? Finish the bedding laundry and make the beds, wash the ceiling fans in the bedrooms, vacuum (rugs and couches), and touch up the bathroom. As you can see, I fully utilize the cleaning opportunity that house guests present. From the condition of my nooks and crannies, I'm guessing that last year's Mardi Gras was the last time I did some of these things. I'm just paranoid that my two cats will trigger some heinous anaphalactic episode in a guest (the horror!) so I clean like a maniac.

I have high hopes for tomorrow despite the wint'ry mess that's out there. We'll get up early and have bloodies and mimosas with breakfast, a cinnamon loaf (purchased, I'm not that ambitious). I hope to make it to the parade staging area by 9:30 which is where the big-fat-hairy Mardi Pardi starts. After the parade we'll all hang out in the staging area with the other floaters and then cap the day at Broadway Oyster Bar where Dash Rip Rock is playing at 6. Dash is a band out of Louisiana that fuses southern rock with punk. I know! It doesn't get much better than that, does it? My favorite song of their's is about taking acid and going to the zoo; it's called Monkeys Coming Out of Your Ass. "Monkeys! Fucking monkeys!" Click here to hear it for yourself. Put your drink down or you'll spill when you start to rock out.

If I have time later today, I'll come back and tell some stories of Mardi Gras Past. I'm giggling already thinking about the stupid shit we've pulled over the years.