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Curtain Skirt Teaser

Posted by Gwen |

Admit it. We're fabulous.

This is why boys don't come.

I think Titus is the only man we know who'd let us do this to him and enjoy it.

Apparently we're going to be in the paper. Killer will be so jealous.

And the best part? I spent the night at Heathybear's and had to do the walk of shame home in what was left of my Curtain Skirt outfit. Now, I've done the walk of shame before - I'm not proud and it's ok, but this outfit just has to be the Hall of Fame Walk of Shame.


hellohahanarf said...

you, my friend, were stunning.

but that is without a doubt a terrible outfit for the walk o pride.

laughing with you, i promise!

Craig said...

Certainly fabulous. I think I heard that curtain skirts are big in Cabo... I'd hang onto it.

Anonymous said...

Ok i was a little nervous as to what I might find when i signed on here this morning. Whew - not nearly as bad as I thought...although I don't think we took any photos later in the evening (pls dear god tell me we didn't). How far was the walk? Were you only ashamed of your outfit or did I miss something (quite possible)? Anyway I had a fabu time with you my love and can't wait to do it again. Oh and you are the best driver!! I know you only did it so I wouldn't take your keys again but I appreciate it.

Whiskeymarie said...

That walk of shame outfit is AWESOME. The only thing that would have made it better is if you had run into an old boyfriend or friend from high school while wearing it.
Maybe next time.