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Point and Counterpoint

Posted by Gwen |

  • You have eyes, look over there at the countdown timer. This time tomorrow I will be on my way to Mexico! That dang counter has been up there for NINE weeks. Nine weeks, people. I can't wait to take it down, but I'm going to wait until I'm half naked in the sun, next to water, with a drink in my hand. I think that will make it so much more satisfying. I hope it doesn't disappear when it gets to zero. You know, I wonder what actually does happen when it get to zero? I guess we'll find out in about 16 hours.
  • Late yesterday afternoon The Gregger sent a 16-page Escape Plan for the trip to all of us which contained all the information we might possibly need in any given situation while we are there - including brilliant color pictures and a chart of the weather for the entire time we'll be there. Receiving the Escape Plan kept me from bugging out the last couple hours of the work day yesterday, which brings me to . . .


  • I've been working at a breakneck pace this week trying to get everything done before I leave. There is one project in which my clients have been dragging their feet for two weeks now and I don't think it's going to get done. Which means I have to explain to someone else that I trust to take over where I was, what I was doing, what materials are "on their way" from the client, and what needs to happen when (if?) they arrive. Being a control freak, I hate having to pass a project onto someone else for completion. When forced to do this I fret about whether or not it's really getting done, but mostly over whether or not it's getting done right (you know, the way I would have done it.)
  • I've been staying up too late this week and am super tired. I figure I can sleep on the plane, if I'm not too excited.
  • I haven't started packing. I've got lists and a plan in my head, but no real movement toward a suitcase. I'm not too worried, I've dedicated tonight after work to packing but I need to hit the hay pretty early considering I have to be ready to walk out the front door at 4:30 am tomorrow.
  • I'm sure all of this whining is falling on deaf ears, as it should. I'm leaving for a week on the Baja peninsula and you're probably thinking, "Cry me a river, beeyatch." Fine then, I'll shut up.


Little Brr said...

So that timer over there ---> is officialy down to counting HOURs. HOURS PEACH! I cannot wait for the fun to come and the showing off of my beautiful toes. I am exhausted too, but just think we'll have a beer in the Altanta airport and sleep like babies until we arrive in Cabo... At that point, the motto of "we can sleep when we're dead" will come into play.

amy & jeff said...

HAVE FUN!!!!!!! Don't get eaten by a shark.


Whiskeymarie said...

Have a great trip, toots. Just don't drink the water, but DO wear sunscreen, drink many margaritas and take a dip in the ocean for me.