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A Taste

Posted by Gwen |

Today was glorious. Mid seventies, sunny . . . the air even smelled like spring. When I got home from work this evening I saw that, throughout the day, the daffodils had popped their little heads above ground in an effort to get closer to the sun. They were a delicious sight.

My haute couture ensemble today paired pink flip flops with a puffy, brown goosedown jacket that is guaranteed warm to -15 degrees. I can't believe I wasn't contacted by In Style to do a cover. Especially since I donned the flops without the benefit of First Spring Pedicure. I needed to air out my toes so bad (I hate shoes, BTW) that I didn't care.

I only wore the jacket, though, when I had the top down on the car. It was a little chilly on the highway.

There may be cold days to come, possibly even snow, but I just feel that the tough stuff is behind us. Please don't tell me horror stories about snowstorms in March; I need to believe.

And also? I wrote and posted this from my couch. Amen.


Whiskeymarie said...

If spring doesn't come to MN soon I may have to hurt someone. Or something. I cannot bear to wear ugly winter clothes anymore.
Sigh. Seventies. We may reach 50 today! Woo-hoo!

hellohahanarf said...

i wear flip flops regardless of the calendar. even on christmas, trudging through the show to my uncle's house. they are comfy. and if i am comfy, i am most likely happy. so flip flops it is!

woman, you have to get pedicures all year long. treat yourself! you are worth it.

and you'll need one before cabo. you want your toes gorgeous in the sand, right?

Allie said...

Oh, I'm so jealous. We're still buried in snow and it's in the 30s. I can't wait for Spring!

Gwen said...

WM and Allie: If warmer days are here, then they are headed you're way. I put a fan in the back yard and aimed it north. Can you feel it?

Hello: You will be dismayed to learn that I do not get pedis in the winter. You might stop being my friend when I tell you I don't shave my legs either. I have really sensitive (Irish) skin, and if I don't have to (wink wink), I don't. All of my "spring maintenance" is getting done next week. Wish you were here, we'd go together. There's an awesome martini bar next to the place where I go. I call the event "Peditini."