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Re-entry into The Work's atmosphere this week has been difficult. I'm having a hard time focusing, my mind keeps wandering off and daydreaming about bright sunny beaches. But today? Today, we held our First Annual Chili Cook-Off in the office. It was so much fun and reminded me just how awesome my office really is.

Given that there are only abut 30 people in the office I was impressed that we had six chili entrants.

Each one was different in some way but they were all equally delicious. One was marinating in a whole poblano pepper, another was made with beer, and one was made with steak. One, the first prize winner, was made with four different ground meats.

Here's my gal KR, also an outside-the-office friend, with her blue ribbon and prize. Her chili was hands-down my personal favorite. Guess she knows her way around the ground meats.

I took second place with a low fat version. It's really tasty and so easy to make that a monkey could do it. Leave me your email and I'll send you the recipe. In honor of the event I wore my new dress from Mexico. You can't see the pretty little yellow embroidered flowers because they are hidden behind my arm and at the bottom of the dress. It also has a swishy skirt, perfect for the tango. I was totally in costume for the party but also rocking my new dress. And my new tan.

Third place went to a traditional chili made with turkey which I loved also. Isn't the new gal adorable?

As you can see there were prizes and after we finished eating our body weight in beans, we got to hit a pinata until it burst with chocolate goodies. There were lots of jokes about swinging a bat at each other (we didn't have the most ideal or safe set-up) and "banging the pepper." It was a grand day at the office.

I guess if I have to work, I'm glad it's here and with these people.


hello haha narf said...

i absofuckenlutely LOVE chili. send easy peasy how to fit for a monkey, please!

hello at midnightcliff dot com

(i'm so excited!!)

pretty dress, by the way. you look spectacular.

amy & jeff said...

I am envious of your tan. Mine will come courtesy of a can of Neutrogena micro-mist. Then I'll be slightly orange and smell like feet. Awesome.

I missed you. I'm glad you're home.

Pegnandy said...

Why don't I remember events like this taking place when I worked there?

Gwen said...

Hello: The recipe's at the office and I'm home sick today. Watch for it tomorrow!

Amy: I already feel like I'm fading! Let's get together soon.

Peg: We had a much different Chief Counsel then, my friend.

LM said...

Your work is obviously laid back, because if I wore that dress to my work, they'd send me right back home. But then again, I work for the frickin' catholics. Second, not to poo poo Kathy's cooking by any means, but I have a feeling her husband whipped up that prize winning chili. I've had the pleasure of tailgating w/him for 12 years and the man can cook like a gourmet. I've never had a day remotely fun like that at my work. Fun at my work is being able to hole up in my office and avoid the assholes. You're lucky.

Gwen said...

LM: Kathy admitted that Mike is an excellent cook and that helped her, but he didn't do it all. We are definitely laid back - we get to wear shorts and flip flops all summer. It's almost expected.

Anonymous said...

This seems like such a fun day! We could do something like that in my office if my nemisis didn't work there. And we have a crazy chick who would try to beat someone up if she didn't win first place. We'd better stick to bringing our own lunches. -Liz

Whiskeymarie said...

I'll gladly trade 50% of the people I work with for just one of your co-workers.
I'll throw in dessert...?