Everything I Like Causes Cancer

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When we got back from shopping in Cabo on Monday afternoon we changed into suits and got in the pool to cool off. As we lounged and started dinner at sunset, a beautiful golden retreiver named Dante wandered onto the back patio. He stuck around through dinner and then disappeared. The next day he was back for breakfast and stayed all day. Over time we realized that he was well-trained, but only with commands given in Spanish. We also heard from the neighbors that he lived three houses down the street. Apparently his owner doesn't live there full-time so the house staff takes care of him. He seemed to love us as much as we loved him. Occasionally he would show up with his little brother, an Irish setter puppy named Hutch. It was really, really nice to have a vacation dog, and I miss him.


Renaissance Woman said...

That was so sweet...who leaves their dog in Mexico while they live a life some place else? Random.

hellohahanarf said...

too cute. dogs sure do make things better. even paradise!!

love that you had pups to share fun times with.

othurme said...

Dogs really make me happy. My dog Soldier never fails to make me happy (2). Rebel is hit or miss (mostly hit).