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Very few people come here on Saturday, it would seem many of you have real lives, whatever, but for those of you who do stop by on the weekends? I'm not going to be here. You see AT&T has this new bundle of products that they are calling U-verse, and I'm gettin' me some today.

This isn't intended to be a commercial for this fabulous new product, but I feel compelled to tell you that I'm getting it so that I can record up to four . . . count 'em FOUR! . . . TV shows at once. I don't ever expect to need it, but I've got it in case of an emergency. Plus, for the cost of my prior satellite package alone (you know . . . the one where I could only record two shows at once), I'm getting high-speed Internet, too. It's all supposed to be really fast and reliable because somehow each end-user has a dedicated line. Best part? I can eliminate my land phone line which I only had for DSL and satellite anyway. More, better stuff for less money. Wicked cool, eh?

They're supposed to be here in 10 minutes, I haven't had my coffee, and I still have to go suck up all the cat hair from behind entertainment centers and stuff, so bye! Hopefully these guys know what the hell they're doing and I'll be back later today. If not, I suspect I'll be having breakfast at Bread Co. tomorrow to avoid the Internet DT's. Happy Saturday, peeps!


The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

I blog on the weekends because I can't blog as much during the work week.

Enjoy your new TV thingy. We have a DVR with our cable and I lurve it.

Happy Saturday!

LM said...

I don't have a real life.