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Summer Reading

Posted by Gwen |

I am one borrowed library book away from being able to dive into this juicy pile of reading material that I got for my birthday. I've never read Elmore Leonard so if Up In Honey's Room doesn't grab me in the first five chapters, I'm taking it straight to the library. Entertain me quick, Leonard, or you're out of here.

As antsy as I am to start these books, I have to confess I've already devoured most of the PostSecret book, A Lifetime of Secrets. (PostSecret is a community art project that involves collecting and publishing thousands anonymous postcards, each bearing the senders' secrets.) It's impossible to put this book down. Lil BRR gave it to me and she put her own postcard secret inside the front cover. Her message moved me to tears. I love that little towheaded gal.

My teammate at work gave me The Girls. His wife and I have similar tastes in reading material so I'm certain she picked this one out. It's written by and about a set of conjoined twins. It's supposed to be a beautiful read. 70 of 105 Amazon reviewers can't be wrong.

Leslie gave me The Time Traveler's Wife. I may have to read this one first because I know she just finished it and then we can discuss it while it's fresh. I haven't looked this one up but I think she said it's a science fiction love story. Certainly intriguing.

And finally, but certainly not least, my work friend Linda gave me the top two: The King of Lies and Traveler. Wait a minute. Maybe I should read about the Traveler before I read about his wife because otherwise I might get all confused and dizzy and have to lay down.

Anyway, I think both of these were recommended by Rude Cactus in his Weekly Reads. I've enjoyed every book that I read on his recommendation. He reviews at least two every Friday. Plus he's always good for an odd bathroom story.

What are you reading this summer besides the back of a cereal box, fellow bookworms? Any recommendations?


McGone said...

Ok, this is weird for me, because I have read every single Elmore Leonard book in the past 20 years (and that's a lot) except "Up In Honey's Room," and I can't plead that you give it a chance because that would be cheating. Dammit! I've been meaning to pick it up, but I'm digging my way out of a huge pile of books.

Ok, now that's my next book to read.

rudecactus said...

Unlike McGone, I've tried to like Elmore Leonard and never succeeded. Just not my thing.

liberalmudhen said...

Oprah called. She wants her books back.

I've been in a Bill Bryson-y mood, try one of his travel-y tomes.

LM said...

Well, you know I only read non- fiction. I share my current/next books knowing it could cause some concern amongst my friends. Right now I'm reading Irvin Yalom's "Staring at the Sun", which is about confronting death and how anxiety of death influences how we live and the legacy we leave behind. He is my absolute idol of psychotherapy, writing, and existentialism. LOVE him. After that one, it's on to another cheerful, light subject in "The End of Faith" by Sam Harris. Basically he poo poos organized religion as an artifact of human thought that has long outlived its usefulness, and explains why faith itself is the most dangerous element of modern life. So, if you're up for a little agnostic death talk later in the summer, give me a ring.

Renaissance Woman said...

I finished A Three Dog Life and that is was wonderful. I am in the process of reading two books right now that are good. I'll post a review very soon.

pistols at dawn said...

I prefer burning books to reading them, but as a huge fan of the Wire, David Simon's "Homicide" has been good enough for me to stop sleeping to read it at nights.

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