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This screams "Skylar was here."

Posted by Gwen |

The candy is supposed to be in the bowl. The bowl is supposed to be on the table. The picture is supposed to be upright.

And he acted all lovey-dovey while I cleaned it up.

BTW, I'm still pressed for time this week so this is what you get today and since I won't be home tonight (we're seeing Richard III in Forest Park) you're likely to get an LOL cat tomorrow. Just a warning.


McGone said...

Please no LOLcat. I beg you.

pistols at dawn said...

No!!! I also beg of you not to resort to terrorism.

othurme said...

I would like two LOL cats & a Rickroll if you get the time.

LM said...

I vote no for the LOL cats, and a big screaming YES for the Rickroll!

hello haha narf said...

how about doing a lol becky?

(it is the acting all lovey dovey after the crime that gets me every damn time.)