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Wanna make out?

Posted by Gwen |

Seriously. I had the most wonderful birthday, overwhlemed by a day-long flurry of emails, comments, cards (e- and snail), phone calls, text messages, presents, food, drinks, and general merriment.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Each and every one of you, thank you. You people rule.

I'm taking the day off today, a present to myself if you will, but tomorrow there might be a short show and tell session because the presents I got are so cool you need to see them. And if that isn't enticing enough, tomorrow's post will also feature a golden retreiver puppy.


hello haha narf said...

so sorry that i missed your actual birthday. glad it was wonderful. you deserve wonderful things, pretty lady! celebrate you this entire month.



LIz said...

Happy birthday! Presents kick ass.