Everything I Like Causes Cancer

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Seriously. I pass this monstrosity every day on my way home from work and every day it makes me as crabby as if I, too, were having seven periods at once.

Besides, 23 flavors? Pffffft. That's a pittance compared to Baskin Robbins or Ani DeFranco. Big deal. I say, piss off, Dr. P! Take your measly 23 flavors and your recommendations and your annoying over-punctuation and piss.the.eff.off.


Renaissance Woman said...

I agree...don't get the point to the punctuation. And one of the 23 flavors is prune juice. No Dr. P for me!

Anonymous said...

I will tell the powers that be at the DP HQ. Did you know that my darling MDH works for this company? Probably not. Don't worry Gwen he is in Dallas at the corporate offices this very second - he will have that offending billboard down by lunch time.

(not really, but I'll se what I can do)

This is Lady Who Doesn't Lunch Again - logging in anonymously from work.

Keeper Of All Things said...

And their diet does too taste like diet!!!!!

Heathybear said...

Ok curiousity and boredom at work drove me to the DP website to see what exactly is in their beverage. Although it states that the 23 flavors are natural and artificial the formula is proprietary information. Oh and it does not contain prune juice. Seriously, that was one of the FAQ's. Oh and it's kosher.

God I need a new job.


Whiskeymarie said...

"Chaps my ass" is one of my favorite sayings ever.

Dr Zibbs said...

That..Sign..is ..so hip.and urban.it's.making.me.dance.like.a. robot. like.I'm doing now.

pistols at dawn said...

Maybe they sent the ad copy via telegram?

Gwen said...

Ren Woman: I suppose it's an attempt to be trendy, which makes it even worse.

Lady: I did not know that. I apologize for bashing your bread and butter, but anything he can do is appreciated.

Keeper: Just another reason.

Heathybear: That explains it, kosher's annoying, too.

WM: I'll be sure to whip it our more often then.

Dr. Zibbs: Totally.wish.I.could.see.that.

Pistols: That made Dr. Pepper come out my nose.

A. said...

Does it bother you enough to go up with a can of maroon paint?

I wonder if these companies hire advertising and marketing school dropouts.

Pants said...

Totally lame punctuation!

Seven periods at once? Ha ha!

McGone said...

"Piss off, Dr. P" makes me chuckle, and I'm not sure why.

Anonymous said...

hahaha... i prefer 32 flavors myself.

hello haha narf said...

great. now i am craving ice cream. after looking at a billboard for pop. wtf did you do to me?

Mommy said...




ÄsK AliCë said...

Worst. Sign. Ever.

Makes. Me. Cringe.