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More random bits of fluff from my brain

Posted by Gwen |

I have things to tell you without the inclination to tie them all together in a coherent way so you get more bullets today. Deal with it.

  • Girls, girls, girls. I had a nice, quiet weekend centered around food and spending time with the girls. Friday night some gals and I were slated to attend the Maplewood art fair but a thunderstorm and laziness led us up the street for dinner instead. It was a good time that included wigs, hats, drinks, bad mussels and bread pudding. Saturday was quite similar in that we all met at a friend's house for Dinner Club. Dinner Club is a once-a-month event to which I don't actually belong but was invited this month as the regulars were all busy. Our lovely host served Mar-a-Lago turkey burgers and we all brought a dish. I tried a recipe for potato salad called Salt and Vinegar Potato Salad. I was skeptical while I was making it but it was delish.

  • Much of the rest of time this weekend was spent cleaning house. My God, did this house need cleaned. I'm still reeling a little that long-time reader and new friend Amy was in the neighborhood and popped in late Saturday morning. First, I was still in my pajamas. Second, all I had accomplished so far was making piles and preliminary demolition for a weekend of cleaning. I quickly put on clothes, brushed my teeth and made my bed after she called, but this place was in no condition for visitors. Add to that Skyler was behaving terribly, acting like he was going to pee on the guest bed. This household, I'm sure, made quite an impression. (Hi, Amy! You are welcome to re-pop-in anytime now, the house is clean! Altho, I do still need to cut the grass and weed the garden beds, so maybe after Weds. would be best.)

  • I watched 10,000 B.C. last night. I enjoyed it but only because I wasn't interested in any sort of accuracy or realism, I just wanted to see animated prehistoric creatures. Anyone looking for realism would be sadly disappointed: woolly mammoths were being used as pack animals to build pyramids, there were paper maps, men rode horses, the list goes on and on. If you can watch without being bothered by the anachronisms, it was a nice prehistoric love story. I agree with the critic who called it "sporadically entertaining."

  • On Saturday I spent an hour or more cleaning my office and shredding old documents. I felt like an Enron executive, happily jamming to The Cure and shredding, shredding, shredding. Next weekend I think I'll complete my conversion to Republican and shoot one of my good friends in the face.

  • On Big Brother last night they gave away a green 1969 Camaro which made me think of this one that my mom had:
  • I have thus far failed to announce that Blog Share III is happening this week, on Wednesday. I think it's too late to sign up, but be sure to come by and troll around the list of participants. For those of you who don't know what Blog Share is and are too lazy to click on the above link, it's a day where each of us writes a post about a topic that we wouldn't normally discuss on our own site but it's ok because it gets posted on someone else's site. For example, the post that will be published here on Wednesday will not be written by me and my entry will be up on someone else's site, thereby lending anonymity to this very public forum. Cool, no? I've participated in all of them and it's always fun.


Dr Zibbs said...

Is that Jim Rockford's car? As for 10,000 BC I was going to watch it but as it was filmed 10,000 years ago I'm sure it was filmed in Black & white.

Anonymous said...

What can I say? I'm retarded AND I have a very bad memory.
This is Lady, by the way, I can't log in 'cause I'm at work.

-R- said...

I have no idea what I am going to write for my Blog Share post. I should probably come up with something.

pistols at dawn said...

I didn't realize that they were still doing Big Brother. Then again, I'm culturally brain-dead.

Gwen said...

Dr. Zibbs: Why yes it is, and it's parked outside our trailer. I wonder if he and my mom had a thing?

Lady as Anon: Huh?

-R-: Me, either. I've been obsessing all day.

Pistols: Yup, 10th season. The knowledge of which makes me the brain dead one.

Whiskeymarie said...

Bitchin' Camaro.

That tater salad sounds delicious. Make me some, now. Dammit.