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What do you want?

Posted by Gwen |

Go away! There isn't anything new to see here.

Oh, fine. Here's another superpoop comic to entertain you until I get over being superlazy.



McGone said...

Actually, I would probably think that statistic is fairly accurate if you told it to me straight-faced.

Dr Zibbs said...

Hey, it's Bizarro Gwen here...nevermind. That "joke" was already done over at my place.

Falwless said...

OMG How'd you get this picture?!?!

I thought I destroyed all copies.

Anonymous said...

Listen Gwen - you start out all sweet and get me sucked in to reading your blog and then you tell me to go away. You're not really my first boyfriend are you?

Renaissance Woman said...

I would love to hear the actualy story of that picture. I'll bet your very, very close!