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Oh thank God she's gone.

Posted by Gwen |

I'm kidding!   We had a ball.  I feel like I've always known Sass and I can't wait to meet her family and do it again.

The giggling commenced (that means started, ask her) before I even opened the door and was only complimented by the bloody marys, made by hand with the two cup method and pepper and shit, and the sunlight on my front porch.  When this inevitably devolved into Johnny Cash dancing and playing on the internet we decided maybe we should change venue.  And eat.

The rest of the day featured:
  • yummy wine, spring rolls and clear noodles
  • seeing two different buildings with cars driven into them (one was sideways!)
  • a driving tour of Tower Grove Park (top down, of course.  the car, not us.)
  • an Indian
  • three breweries
  • more gossip (Yes, we talked about you.  Too bad for you.)
  • vintage shopping
  • sex toys, BDSM gear and stripper shoes; and
  • playing in a busy street like a coupla retards until the people stopped at the lights were cheering us on and honking
(As I made up the other half of this oh-so-challenged duo I only have my view of things.)

Oh, and Sass got some pussy.  All in six hours.

She texted after she left and said she was sleeping in her car behind my garage tonight.  I know she'd like me to think it's because she's addicted to me but it's really because she's nosy and dying for a message from Brian.


Scope said...

Glad you gals had the big fun.

Sass said...

There was laughing, there was crying, there was....

no wait, there was no crying.

There was the doing of an impromptu "Running man," some yelling at strangers...

Ahhh...It's nice back here behind the house. It's a nice garage.

words words words said...

The running man? This is why everything needs to be videotaped at all times.

mo.stoneskin said...

Didn't your parents tell you not to play in a busy street?

momcat said...

Good times! Cute cat - he's huge!

Cora said...

Would it be wrong to say that's a really nice pussy Sass has got? Hee hee.

Sass said...

I love that the angle of the camera DOES make the cat look huge...thereby making me look much smaller.

It's Sass and her huge pussy...

that SO didn't work, did it.


Hey, um, when you come out to the garage to go to work, could you bring me some coffee?

Scope said...

I sent you a hug today over @ my place. Swing by, pick it up, and pass it on.

Cowguy said...

Johnny Cash dancing?

I blacked out after reading that... I'm barely able to write this comment.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

You kids are just crazee!! Looks like great fun!

Sass-nice hair babe!

Soda and Candy said...

Damn, that is a giant pussy.


Gwen, you be careful, looks like Sass is after your man! She wants Brian all to herself, the hussy!

Stacie said...

lol....that is a lot of pussy.

glad you two had a good time!

Dr Zibbs said...

Good Times!

Good Times. The show. Did you guys watch that too?

Fancy Schmancy said...

Glad you had a good time, and neither of you got arrested or anything. If that happens in the future, I'm sure your bloggy friends will put up a collection for bail money!

liberalmudhen said...

Hey, that's my cleaners! Woo hoo!

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