Everything I Like Causes Cancer

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Could everyone PLEASE put on their BIG GIRL (or boy) PANTS and stop fighting about how much attention you are or are not getting, about who’s following or unfollowing who, about who’s commenting and who isn’t?


It’s making me sad and when I’m sad, I cry. And when I cry my face turns red and my eyes and nose get puffy. It’s truly hideous. This, in turn, only makes me sadder and then I cry more. It’s a terrible, terrible circle of unhappiness for me and, as we all know, it’s all about me.

So quit it. Either kiss and make up (groping would also be a nice way to mend fences; I’m just sayin’) or shut up and ignore each other. Like RIGHT NOW. If you don’t, I’m going to grow my hair out and get a spiral perm to complete my “we’ve all gone back to high school” look.

Comments for this post have been closed because I absolutely DO NOT WANT to hear anymore about this.

That is all.