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On Thursday Dr. Zibbs, author of That Blue Yak, challenged his readers to promote his blog. His exact words:

Wouldn't it be great if my blog went from one of the most visited sites on the Internet to THE most visited? Next thing you know, I'm the 3 legged race partner with Jeff Bezos at the Fat Cat Internet picnic they probably have. Then - I'm telling a joke about the Internet which ends with the punch line, "No, Maam' I said wiki "PEDIA", (as I lean over and shake my head demeaningly in the face of the Overstock.com girl.) This is gonna be great.

And you can bet I'm not going to forget you little buggers - my loyal readers - who are going to help me get there. I'll probably even consider buying a big assed building that'll make Google headquarters look like a God damn shanty town. In the meantime, you people need to get to work. Use the Google maps to find central state that you can meet so you can begin working on promotional items. I'd welcome you to West Chester, but there are certain zoning issues concerning letting people of a certain ilk into our pristine borders. As for the promo items, just remember that things have be top notch or we're all going to look stupid.

I can just see it now,
Falwless is working on a banner that says, "That Blue Yak - It'll Get Ya". Meanwhile, McGone and Gwen are busy making buttons - "hey, watch your fingers you guys." Whose that over there? - It's Whiskey Marie and newcomer Alice working on some posters - "'Hey guys, ease up on the glitter -we need to save some for the float!"

(Editor’s note: There was a bunch of other stuff here that we didn't feel like cutting and pasting. Zibbs can go on and on and on if you let him. He ended his self-promoting dissertation with the following message.)

What other imaginative ways can you think of to promote the mighty blog of Dr Zibbs? Let's share. Remember, you're only going to get out of it what you put into it. Finally, to keep yourselves motivated, one of you may receive a prerecorded thank you call from me. Hmmmmmm? Hmmmmm? And one more thing - don't fail.”
Anyway, Falwless and I are not ones to shirk responsibilities nor do we ever ignore a friend’s request for help. We can’t tell you yet what has been prepared to help promote The Good Doctor and his Good Word, but we can tell you that it’s so incredibly awesome that it took both of us to create it. We’re still working on our promotional item, but rest assured Zibbs, it is top notch, we won’t look any more stupid than we already do, and neither one of us ever FAILs.


Falwless said...

Wow, you are a brilliant, brilliant lady. We are a dangerous team, you and I.

Dr Zibbs said...

I know this is gonna be great and cost so much money. Just to be safe, I think you should show me a few prototypes first because I'd hate for you to post the idea - then, with my pickiness I make you take it down because a tiny detail is missing. Then you have to spend ANOTHER 3 full days making it.

McGone said...

You should probably clarify however, that while "Only Retards Don't Read That Blue Yak," retards are in fact still allowed to read that Blue Yak if they so choose.

RW said...

Imuz be A Re-tarD.