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FTCA Haiku - Inaugural

Posted by Gwen |

I'm a paralegal. I settle tort claims. And I work mostly with the Federal Tort Claims Act. You don't really need to know that, it just explains the title. This series will feature bits and pieces of my workdays articulated in haiku. I hope you enjoy it becaue it's a real kick for me - which means it won't likey stop even if you don't. It just adds a whole new layer to my day. Tasks seem less like tasks and more like poetic challenges. Here's the first one:

Walked into the glass
Smashed her nose flaty - ouch!
Not our problem, yo

Commenting in haiku will be praised. Here's how. (Understand that the commenters on this instructional page are uptight weasels who suck the fun out of everything. Write whatever you want using 5-7-5.)


les said...

I think your second line is 6??? Les

Guenosdias! said...

Everyone's a critic! You can use a pause as a syllable. From the instructions, "Some writers incorporate a pause into the poem, indicated by the use of a colon, semicolon, hyphen or elipses. This helps to focus attention on the insight your poem presents."

cry it out! said...

Love the story of
Guy who robs bank, breaks leg, sues and
Wins nice claim in jail


Guenosdias! said...

As promised, praise for commenting in 'ku: Mike is very handsome, a great writer, and an awesome Dad. I'm tickled that he comes over here to play.