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My Very First Short Film

Posted by Gwen |

I'm no Francis Ford Coppola but I heard he likes to stay at the Hotel Boheme and so do I. Along the same vein, here's my very first short film, Douche Duck. It was shot poolside at Lazy Lee's Resort on Table Rock Lake.

The plot is complicated so let me explain that the heroine had too much to drink at lunch:

Or maybe I did.


IrisSkye said...

Maybe I should hang with you more often - the few times I've hung out with you, I've been drinking & you have to take my mind off boys . . . this would do the trick! I will have to find the pics, but once in midtown New Orleans I was with a friend & we carried a stuffed dog around and as the night went on, that dog had more beads, sunglasses & beers in its paw than I had the whole summer! We documented the night with pictures! :)