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Cousin T took me to the basbeball game Saturday afternoon. She won the tickets for placing last in the 10K she ran this spring. She makes us proud.

Anyway, I don't know what kind of magic fairy dust got sprinkled over this fair city of ours, but there were cute boys on every corner Saturday! You couldn't turn around without running right into another one. It was fantastic. See?

(Back off. He's mine. I licked him to make sure.)

This is Jeremy. Jeremy and his friend Neil rode the 1860's shuttle with us to the game. Jeremy broke the ice by leaning over to Tammy and whispering, "See that guy in the front? My bet is gay." Tammy started to contradict him, arguing that she found the man attractive, but then realized that her impression was quite possibly the lynchpin in Jeremy's case. She can spot 'em, she just can't process what the information means.

We ran into them, and some of their friends, later in the day and partook in a few cold ones together. It was a good day.

And just so you don't get too jealous, here are some of the "not-so-cute" things we saw:

Painted Devil Cubs Fan Guy

The Femullet

And The Guys Who Painted on Their Shirts

When I first saw these two I took their picture through the crowd - I was trying to avoid being obvious. Until it dawned on me that if they were willing to go out in public like this, they weren't that proud. So I did this, for you:


howmidugan said...

I wasn't last! I was 47th!