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My Most Hated Chore

Posted by Gwen |

I keep a tidy house. I don't mind, and sometimes even enjoy, cleaning my house. I love the sense of satisfaction when I'm done. Cast aspersions if you must, but clean is part of comfort for me. Save for folding and putting away laundry. I loathe, LOOOOATHE, folding and putting away laundry. It's so BOOOOORING and it pisses me off.

These three loads? Piled on my dresser? Sat in a basket on my bedroom floor for at least a week. Each day I would pluck out what I needed and iron it. Yes, I would rather iron than fold and put away.

Moreover, in the time it took me to actually capture this shot, I could have had it done. See first, I went upstairs to go to bed but I had to transfer the pile from my bed to the dresser before I could get in it. The pile had been on my bed because earlier in the evening I had needed the basket to do some laundry.

And then it cracked me up just how ridiculous the whole thing was. Which made me think the story would make a good blog entry. So I went downstairs to get the camera. Back upstairs I realized that battery in the camera was dead so I went back downstairs for the extra battery. Sitting on my bed, putting the battery in the camera, I couldn't quit giggling over the fact that I had run up and down the stairs three times in order to air my dirty laundry.

So, what's your most hated chore?