Everything I Like Causes Cancer

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Posted by Gwen |

I love that I have the kind of friends that I can call at 5 pm on Thursday and cancel the party I had planned for Saturday night. And they don't care. And it doesn't phase me when they tell me they're glad because they didn't want to come. Shouldn't that right there be the definition of comfort?

After talking with everyone it became apparent that we had all had a tough week. For me, some serious shit went down in our office that left us even more shorthanded. Top that with covering for my supervising attorney who's out of the office and you've got a cocktail for the knot that's sitting on my left shoulder at the base of my neck.

TGIF, bitches.


howmidugan said...

You didn't call me. And I'm not glad it's canceled because I wanted to go - I bought a new outfit and everything! I already bought chips and beer. I was ready!

Cancel hole.