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Blog Burgoo

Posted by Gwen |

I have many things to say today without the inclination to make them all fit together so I'm serving up a big, steaming bowl of blog burgoo. For those of you not from the south, burgoo is a stew made with whatever's left in the fridge. Or your neighbors fridge. Or the garage.

Once this is posted, I may also add things as the day goes on. It's just how I roll today.

First, today is my baby brother's birthday. Procrastination got the best of me this week and I haven't yet mailed his card because I just bought it last night. My brother is 11 years younger than me and we are not close, a fact that nags at me but one that I have not yet found the courage or inclination to change. You see, we could not be two more opposite people - our individual views on the world and how it works are linear extremes.

I regret that I wasn't the big sister he needed when we were kids. He was a bright, beautiful, precocious and challenging child, an even more difficult teen, and has become a man I try to understand. However, none of that stops me from thinking of him often, loving him dearly and sending him these birthday wishes. I love you, baby brother.

Second . . . I submitted my very first entry to I Can Has Cheezburger last night. The way it works now is that the wizard behind the curtain will review it and if it's good enough, he will put it up on the voting page. If I get that far, you'll all be the first to know because I'll need you to go vote for me. Here's what I submitted:

And finally, I'm compelled to share this picture of the outfit I donned yesterday morning in a fit of apathy:

There's really nothing more flattering than to dress in hues of bruise unless, of course, your black pants are an inch too short and you're wearing white athletic socks.


amy & jeff said...

I have a sister that I haven't seen or spoken to in over 5 years, so I can relate. She is 6 yrs. younger than me and has chosen a very different way of life. She only surfaces when someone has died and she thinks she can get some fat cash. I was there for her when she was little and it made no difference.

By the way, the cat is funny. I hope you win.