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My Mom's Got a Blog!!

Posted by Gwen |

I went to my parent's house today and in exchange for this fried chicken Sunday dinner . . .

. . . I showed my mom how to run her blog, Bridgeview Stained Glass.

Which is really something considering she didn't even know what one was until I started this one in July. And even then I think she faked understanding for a couple more weeks. But today? She was excited and did it all by herself - she even slapped my hand once when I tried to grab the mouse.

I left her with lots of material to post so in the next few days we should start to see new pieces show up - and maybe even a few words about them.

I had a ball helping her create a place on the Internets that she can use to share her art with you . . . and maybe you'll see something you simply can't live without. Go check her out. C'mon. I'd check your mom out.


cry it out! said...

I love checking out your mom! Seriously, she's got skilz.