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Insert Dugan here.

Posted by Gwen |

Tammy couldn't make it to Homecoming this year so as we took pictures all day we left a space where she would have gone. These are those photos.

To see each picture, click on the thumbnail. Roll your mouse over each thumbnail to see the caption. Click on "Photo Link" to order prints.


LM said...

I spy....lots of Stag in a can, and a VAN HALEN t-shirt. Rock it Johnny! Oh, and no Duggan. :(

That is the first time I have ever typed an emoticom, by the way. I want to take this opportunity to say I am generally anti-emoticom, but in this case I felt it was appropriate.

I'm going next year!

howmidugan said...

Yay! People actually noticed that I wasn't there! Thank you for making me feel loved!