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Today I leave town for my 15-year college reunion! Yay!

The 15-year part isn't the big deal - I get this excited about every Homecoming. Over the years a group of us has formed that isn't even necessarily comprised of people I actually went to school with - many were already graduated and gone by the time I arrived - but this group? Well, they're family. They are the funniest bunch of idiots I know and no year would be a good one without the 48 hours I spend with them. It's a rough 48 hours becsuse we all revert back to the irresponsibly invincible 19 year-old drunks we were in our salad days, but they are well worth the week it takes to recover.

I have every intention of posting about the weekend's events on Sunday but that may not happen (see reference to drunken debauchery above.) So I leave you with LOL Road Rage Cat, the older and angrier brother of
Toonces, as entertainment until I get back.

lolcat - nice bwinker jurkface


Kellan said...

Hey - have a good reunion! I posted one these fun cat pictures today also. See ya!