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Everything Else

Posted by Gwen |

It was a great year. The weather was awesome. The beers were plentiful, cold, and served in GLASS pitchers. I arrived back home safe but exhausted. There weren't a lot of people there but a majority of the important ones made it.

In no certain order, the highlights include:

  • John's bloody mary's. Yummeh!
  • Running into dining hall girl with John.
  • Discovering Mugsy's and having a drink with Jeannie. And discovering why women *heart* Keith Urban.
  • Pogue showed up!
  • Getting to know Dave and Foley better.
  • The police shutting down the tailgate.
  • Heckling Zellman at Perkins' on Sunday. There is video of this which will be published later this week.
  • Hugging Dr. Metcalf.
  • The time passed with Dr. Seufert at Bahan's.
  • Losing my voice. It deteriorated so much over the day that the kid who delivered my pizza this evening commented, based on an earlier telephone conversation, that he expected me to be, "Old. Like a hundred."
  • Rehashing everything that happened over breakfast on Sunday morning.
  • Dr. B heckling people in the bookstore. It's said that he asked one alum, "So, did you ever make anything out of yourself?" He asked another, "How's your golf game? Because it was horrible when you were here." The bookstore manager wants to hire him to do it again next year.
  • My dirty feet.
  • Actually eating Leo's. Yay! Also yummeh.

I am sure there are more, but I've been sitting here now for a few hours and I need to go get reacquainted with my couch. If you think of some I missed, throw them in the comments.

Oh, and to those of you who were involved in the "Caption Contest" brainstorming at breakfast: When viewed using the LCD screen on my camera, the image we discussed was small. But, when viewed on a computer monitor? The image was much larger and therefore more detailed. I'll just say that there was much more of John visible than we originally thought. I made the executive decision not to publish it. My mom reads this.


howmidugan said...

Uh, something happened to Bahan's. It doesn't look like a dump anymore! I don't know if I can go back there next year!