Everything I Like Causes Cancer

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  • Looks like Jamie and Erik are sniffing around each other romantically. They are cute together physically but I don't think she's good enough for him. I didn't have an opinion of her prior to this episode, but her performance at the Immunity Challenge and her flippant attitude about throwing it really turned me off. She should have included him in the plan and, in my mind, it's telling that she didn't.
  • James has a crush on Denise. I don't know what else to say.
  • I can't believe Zhan Hu didn't realize that the two-person switch would be a two-way street. Egocentrism is blinding.
  • Jean-Robert is a great strategist but a poor team player. I think this is the influence of years of playing poker.
  • Why the sudden switch from James to Aaron at tribal council? I was certain James was going. Was this planned? Or did the fireside discussion change their minds? And if it did, how did they communicate so the vote was unanimous?
  • And finally, here's the list - I numbered them in the order they were voted out and the "switched" players are now blue.


lotus07 said...

Initially, I liked this show, but anymore, it is just to much about shallow young people playing games with each other. The locations are nice, and the challenges are interesting, but the personalities and super think women wearing bikinis depressing. What ever happened to all the middle age folks that used to be on? They get voted off pretty quick, because the younger ones don't want them in on the orgy halfway through the series. The longer I watch this show, the more it reminds me of the Bachelor (which is also a hoot)

LM said...

Don't know you Mr. Lotus, but I agree with your comments. Still, I enjoy watching it. Particularly this season, because it's by far the most scenic of the locations. They planned all along to vote Aaron first. Don't know why, except that James is the strongest and perhaps they thought he'd be the better one to have around for another week. Jamie needs a big slap in the face. Along with Pei Gee. What was the point of throwing that challenge? I didn't get it. And to leave Erik out of the loop, who is supposedly part of their alliance? I think Erik is just darling, but the fact that he let that slide so easily with Jamie makes me wonder if he's one sandwich short of a picnic basket. Oh, and I heard that he's a virgin. Did that come out last night and I missed it? If not, sorry for the spoiler. How does someone become a tall, dark, and handsome 30-something MUSICIAN and never get laid? Come to think of it, I just answered my own earlier question. Now I see why he let that slide w/Jamie. Duh.

Gwen said...

@Lotus07 - Welcome to my site! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I agree with your assessment of the show but I'm addicted and can't put the "Survivor crack pipe" down.

@LM - Erik and Jamie were in the water hanging out alone and he told her was a virgin. Her initial reaction was hilarious - she made one of those, "Really?" faces but then covered and said it was cool that he was saving himself. That, plus his forgiveness of her "betrayal" leads me to believe he is a little naive.

I am certain they kept James for his strength but at the camp before the went to council, they told him it was him. Even in "diary" shots they said it was going to be him. If that was strategy, I don't get it.

LM said...

I know that their "strategy" was to lose so they could vote off Aaron and James and then have "numbers" going into the merge. I don't get that thinking. First, their lax attitude in the challenge could've gotten them voted off. And what makes Pei Gee and Jamie assume that their original tribe mates are going to stick with them anyway? Jamie dug herself a hole this week w/her attitude, and does anyone like Pei Gee? No. I hope James aligns with someone and manages to stick around. He's the only one on that team right now who deserves to stick around. Erik's seemingly nice, but like you said, naive and maleable.