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I'm weak.

Posted by Gwen |


I was cruising channels the other day and I noticed that HBO was running a free weekend. Now, remember when I told you about not having seen the last season of The Sopranos? Remember how fussy I was about it all?

I have a confession to make.

I Tivo'd an episode. And I watched it. Don't judge me. I know I'm weak. But really? As an episode? It was anti-climactic. AJ is depressed and suicidal. Whatever. Kid's kind of a douchebag anyway.

This admission is not, however, an invitation for spoilers. So shut it.

This was my favorite part:

See, the guy from Wings? This is his apartment. And he's in AA with Christopher. Look closely, remembering that he's playing an alcoholic. I don't think a real, recovering alcoholic would decorate with art that glorifies alcohol.

Doesn't really matter. Christopher shot him in the head about ten seconds later.