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Octobers Past

Posted by Gwen |

If you look over way up there to on the left you will see I've added a new Page Element. It's a flickr flash badge. Running inside there are pictures from events that occurred in past Octobers . . . there are shots from the Bar of the Month I hosted, pictures from Homecoming, pictures from Columbus Day celebrations at the Jandyfer's, and the pictures I took at Gina and Paul's reception.

To view these in a slideshow, or to order prints, doubleclick on the badge and you will be taken to my flickr site. Once you are there you will only see one photo but to the right of it will be, "Octobers Past Set." Click on that and you will see the entire set as thumbnails. "View as Slideshow" will be on the right side of the page.

Assuming as many fun things happen in other months as they do in October, I plan for this to be a regular feature. Because who doesn't love to reminisce? Come skip down memory lane with me! We can hold hands.