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Today I tasked myself with creating a montage of pictures celebrating my upcoming 15-year MacMurray reunion. Every photo I had ever developed since the days of my first camera had been thrown randomly into a plastic tub stored in the basement so the first order of business was sorting all of them. Which, well, you can see.

The product of this labor of love is the wickedly awesome flickr badge at the top of my sidebar. DO NOT show up Saturday without having spent some time with these pictures. I had a ball laughing at the rolled jeans and loafers, the HUGE hair, all the different colors and styles my hair has been, those damn Sally Jesse Rafael glasses, and the just.damn.good. times we've had over the years. You guys crack me up. Every last one of you.

I spent quite a bit of time with these pictures between the sorting and the scanning and the uploading and the sorting again. By the end I had a hunch. A final, closer review revealed that, despite the publication of photographs that span the many years between 1989 and 2007, a distinct majority of the fifty photos include an adult beverage, an adult beverage sign, or depict us on our way out for adult beverages. Shocking.

C'mon! Skip the light Mac-tastic with me. Go double-click* on it.

*Once you're at the flickr site, click on the "MacMurray Faces Set" link on the right to get to the slideshow option.


Lara said...

What a task Gwen, I'm impressed you did all that. I didn't even go to school w/you but those photos are still hilarious to me. The HAIR, the jeans! I still can't get over how good Michael Z. looked in your skirt. He should've just taken that home. Or did he?! It totally slipped my mind until now that you had invited me up w/you next weekend. I think I'm gonna pass this time, mainly because I have all next weekend free to get some tasks done at my place that I thought I was going to accomplish today. I swear, I'm going next year. I don't go to my own homecomings, so I may as well go to yours! Give my love, and a couple of Schlitz tall boys, to Michael and Johnny B. Tell them to come to Mardi Gras!