Everything I Like Causes Cancer

Where we've been convinced to write a new post on Dec. 2. Stay tuned!

  • I suspected that being chosen to be the one who went to the other tribe's camp would hurt Leslie. After having been involved with the secret message twice and then spending time at the other camp, no one felt they could trust her and I'm not sure I would have either.

  • Courtney could not be more usesless right now. There haven't been any "brainy" challenges so I don't know how smart she is, but so far? She's just skin on bone. Seriously, she wears that buff like a halter top and it's too big!

  • Was James serious when he said he's the only one who read a Survival manual before going out there? Because I just assumed that's all any of them did before they left. I can't really be that much smarter that that many people, can I? It just seems so obvious.

  • The list grows smaller.


LM said...

I know Courtney is "small" and all, but this week was the absolute most pathetic effort I've ever seen on a Survivor challenge. I don't care if that makes her attractive to be sitting next to down the road when the numbers dwindle. She doesn't deserve to be there after that. She also has that shitty "I'm from NY and you're not so therefore you're not cool" attitude. She needs to go.

Guenosdias! said...

I totally agree with you! Her attitude sucks and really puts her at a disadvantage. She needs to go.