Everything I Like Causes Cancer

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This was a really interesting episode. I think I yelled, "Get The Eff Out!" three times. Maybe I was just excitable. Anyhoo . . .

  • Jean Robert speaks mandarin?!? And he was fluent! But, true to form, it wasn't long before he transformed it into a means to be arrogant and bossy.
  • Trained fishing birds?!? That was wickedly cool. At first I thought they were going to strangle the birds with the string. I was very relieved when it was explained that it's only purpose was to keep the birds from swallowing the fish they catch.
  • The lunch lady's exuberance about the traditional meal was moving. I loved her commentary about school lunches. She described her job as heating up chicken nuggets and said, "There's nothing good about that."
  • I was surprised that they chose to oust Dave over Sherea. I couldn't decide who was the lesser evil. Sherea's lazy ass needed to be WORKING while Dave was gone and Dave needed to shut his pie hole. I'm interested to see if Sherea now changes her "save my energy for competitions" strategy. Which just seemed to me like a cover story for her laziness.
  • James was vicious with those war ball things they were throwing in the immunity competition. I would not have wanted to be on the receiving end of that. He also made me LOL when he said to Dave, "I told you about the hugging." I *heart* James.
  • I hadn't realized this before last night, but the immunity idol clues have the potential to create inter-tribe alliances. Except that the recipients seem to get voted off shortly thereafter (Leslie, Dave.) Although Todd now has all three of the clues. Who else has one or more? Does Jamie have one?
  • And finally, another one bites the dust.


LM said...

I also found it endearing how the Lunch Lady embraced her experience as opposed to saying "oooh, gross" about something totally new and different to her. Bless her. She got a lot of renewed energy from that experience in more ways than one. I think seeing some kids boosted her up too. I think Jamie does have one clue. She's the only other person. I like Sherea much more than Dave. He was an egotistical ass. At least Sherea kicks some major ass in competition. She's freaking strong. I "heart" Eric, the "musician". Oh, and on Entertainment Tonight last night, they were talking about Courtney and if she's an anorexic or not. Gee, you think?