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  • I felt bad that Denise was left out of the reward challenge until she used James' absence as an opportunity to rally against him. I get it and I'd probably do the same if I were out there, but from my couch I didn't like it.
  • Jean Robert and the immunity idol. He was at tribal council last week when Jamie turned in one of those boards from the pagoda, so what was he thinking? And why did Eric tell him it wasn't an idol?
  • I've been wondering how Todd felt about James still having both idols. Remember, Todd gave him the first one as protection and told him where to find the second one. I expected James would return the first one to Todd. I don't think this topic is exhausted between them. Do you agree that James should give the first one back to Todd?
  • Courtney isn't good for much, but she sure can ride a dragon. At one point during the competition Jeff said, "Courtney hasn't moved in 32 minutes." I giggled when she flippantly responded, "I am lazy."
  • Is Todd's wavering a sign of weakness and panic or is it simply a recalibration of strategy based on new information? I say recalibration.
  • James gambled by not using the idol last night, but I don't think he'll do it again. The others were kind of stupid - if you're going to backdoor the biggest threat, you have to make sure you have enough votes to actually get rid of him/her. Now he knows someone tried and will have his guard up. The votes cast for James were from Erik, Peih-Gee, and Jean Robert.
  • And just in case you were wondering, here are the words to Frosti's immunity challenge ditty: "Starving artist, on the dragon, balancing on barrels for Jeff Probst."

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LM said...

I was upset that Denise was ok w/backdooring James, and even brought it up with some pp on her own. What a disappointment. I, too, have wondered why James still has both idols?! And why hasn't Todd demanded his back, when obviously they've had the opportunity at this point to do the exchange? There is some editing going on here, because I'm SURE they've had discussions about this. I think Todd's wavering is a sign of weakness and panic. It goes along with him being so impulsive about getting that idol, when he should've just waited until Frosti, who had no clue what was happening, was gone. I know I said early in the season that Erik was hot, but I take it back. His poop for brains has turned him ugly. And Courtney is apparently good for one other thing besides dragon riding, and that is the best one liner of the season thus far: "Jean-Robert is becoming the Susan Lucci of tribal council". Classic.

Gwen said...

I totally missed Courtney's one liner - thanks for telling me. That's awesome.

Now that you mention it, I think you're right about Todd. I forgot how silly he acted over the idol.