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People? PLEASE get lives.

Posted by Gwen |

Okay, first our many religious factions all fought about what kinds of end-of-year holiday decorations could and could not be displayed. They've also argued about where said decorations could and could not be displayed and who was allowed to display them and who wasn't.

I get it - no one likes to feel left out. Besides, I like seeing menorahs and dreidels and other such items alongside Christian decorations in homes and stores this time of year. It reminds me that I am not actually the center of the universe, which is an appropriate sentiment no matter what your religion.

But now? Now people are fighting over the size of each said decoration. The administration of a small city in New York actually went to the effort of displaying a menorah and a Christmas tree, only to be berated by the Christian residents because the menorah was bigger than the Christmas tree.

Admittedly any gal who tells you that size doesn't matter is lying, but in this instance I find the energy spent on creating some hollow equity ridiculous. The residents actually went so far as to find and cut down an established 20-foot blue spruce simply to counter-balance some politically correct bullshit. And in the process sacrificed not one, but two trees on the altar of Baby Jesus. Way to go! He'd be so proud of your capacity for tolerance, Long Beach NY.


amy & jeff said...

Sweet Baby Jesus that is retarded. That is why I don't go to church. Those people.

Jan said...

I agree with you... what a waste of energy. Who cares about the size of the ornament or decoration. It's the thought behind it.