Everything I Like Causes Cancer

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I've been lax lately with my reality TV wrap-ups because I've had my nose in catalogs while watching instead of taking notes. I didn't take notes last night but here's what I caught:

  • They finally got rid of Peih Gee. She was annoying and didn't know when and how to shut her trap, but she was also a scrapper.
  • How the hell did Courtney get 12 arrows in the reward challenge? Does that mean they like her? You know what. I just got it. They all KNEW she wouldn't be able to aim and hoped that she would accidentally hit them. Well, it worked out for Denise.
  • Can you effing believe the size of Courtney's brass balls? I was amazed that she had the audacity to complain about the food served on their reward trip to the Great Wall. I was surprised that Jeff didn't make a snide remark about her lack of gratitude. She's a complete and utter twit, I can't believe she has gotten this far, and I want to snap her little bird bones.
  • Denise and Amanda missed an opportunity to change their status by refusing to align with Peih Gee. I hope the two of them can beat Todd and Courtney.

Of the final four I have to root for Denise. If she goes, I'm rooting for Amanda. Who are you rooting for?


LM said...

I'm definitely rooting for Denise. I can't stand Todd, but he's played the best game of the bunch, albeit a tad dirty. I'm ok with Amanda winning, I guess. Basically I just don't want Coutney to win. And I don't think she has a chance anyway, no matter who she's up against.

Whiskeymarie said...

I got nothin.
I don't watch much t.v. these days.
Lameass, I know.