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Huh. Who knew? I didn't.

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-R- from And You know What Else fame lived up to her moniker today when she sparked some learnin' in me . . . her post today talks about the election and I commented on it. She replied to my comment in an email and asked me, "Allegedly the winner of the MO primaries indicates who will win the nomination, right?"

I didn't know the answer to her question until I culled this from an article on the election from today's paper (STL):

"Missouri is considered a bellwether state because its voters have come down on the side of the winner in every presidential election except one in the past 100 years. In 1956, Missourians narrowly chose Democrat Adlai Stevenson of neighboring Illinois instead of Republican President Dwight Eisenhower."

Go us! Thanks for the great question, -R-!


-R- said...

So I guess the primaries don't mean anything - it's who Missouri votes for in the general election. Interesting. Minnesota votes for the Democratic candidate every year, so we are definitely not a bellweather state!