Everything I Like Causes Cancer

Where we've been convinced to write a new post on Dec. 2. Stay tuned!

Britt and I were the first to arrive at 11:30. With little else to do while we waited three hours for the others to arrive, we sat at the airport bar and drank. After about 4 Dos Equis the bartender told us we needed to be in the other terminal to meet everyone else's flight. We had plenty of time and needed to sober up a bit so we decided to walk. It was a lot farther than we thought. We refer to it now as our drunk little jihad.

We finally made it to the other terminal and promptly ordered another round. After that one we made a rule that if the others didn't arrive in the next four minutes we'd get another. We waited two.

Once we got to the house it took 10 minutes for everyone to strip down and dive into the pool, an hour for us to have to make a beer run, and two hours for the boys to complete said run. It's a mystery to me how dinner happened, but it was incredible - huge, sweet shrimp (grilled AND boiled), fresh grilled asparagus, grilled pablano peppers, salad, and chorizo/egg tortillas. Everyone in this house loves food and is an amazing cook. I'm just so happy right now I could implode.