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What has happened to me?

Posted by Gwen |

Over the past few weeks I've been hearing this song on the radio that I adore, but I've never been able to catch the name of the song or the artist.

The song is kicky and upbeat. I love the artist's voice. It makes my ears happy and makes my feet tap. I heard it again on my way home from Lil BRR's Easter dinner last night. For once I was close enough to home when I heard it that I was able to remember some of the lyrics and googled it.

It's Miley Cyrus.

Off of the Hannah Montana 2 soundtrack.

I bought it anyway.

(Hangs head in shame.)


Little Brr said...

Since you admitted it, I'll admit that I like that tune as well... We can hang our heads in shame together... on the beach with the sun shining and an adult beverage in our hands on Saturday... HA!

amy & jeff said...

Oh, Gwen. Hannah Montana? Really?
I still love you.

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

I have no idea what you are talking about - but this probably stems from only listening to NPR and not having children.

I'm a nerdy shut-in.

Rock on.

Gwen said...

BRR: Oh thank God, I'm not the only one. I should've known you'd have my back on this one.

Amy: Yeah, I know.

Lady: Miley Cirus is the teen daughter of Billy Ray Cirus, a one-hit wonder country star. His big song was "My Achy Breaky Heart." She is the end-all be-all of teenage girls. Despite having been out of my teens for a very long time, I am still addicted to pop radio.

Gwen said...

Amy: Dude! My last comment back to you is so snotty unless you know that I didn't initially see the "I still love you."! Altho I do know you love me. Love you, too!

hello haha narf said...

i know who she is, but i couldn't give you the name of even one of her songs, not even for a million bucks.

who cares that you like one of her songs. i'm cracking up that you BOUGHT the cd, though.

Little Brr said...

Hold up now... plz tell me you didn't buy the soundtrack... just the song... If you bought the entire soundtrack (and you were 100% lucid), we need to have a serious talk. You know I love you, BUT...

Gwen said...

I can't guarantee I was 100% lucid, but I still did not buy the whole CD, just the one song, See You Again.