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Trunk Monkeys

Posted by Gwen |

On Sunday night we had our first meal outside the house at a restaurant inside the Sheraton resort at the bottom of the hill. I’m not saying it was a bad idea, but it was certainly an odd experience.

The first thing to accost our senses as we walked in was the band. I use the term "band" loosely as it was really just two guys: one with a Casio keyboard and another playing a pan flute and a rain stick with the intensity of Zamfir. Dr. Drew was instantly irritated and yet also oddly amused.

The only thing cheesier than the “band” was the parmesan bowl that my tiny-yet-$12 Caesar salad came in. Thankfully I was able to break the tension and improve our moods with a juvenile quip about playing first chair skin flute in high school.

After a mediocre-at-best dinner we moved to the fire pit at the beach bar, a literal mini-Stonehenge, but quickly had to move because of its leaking propane. Not only were we perterbed by the ominous hiss, we felt like we were marinating in it. We eventually had to make Dr. Drew move because his eyes were glazing over and he had lost the sense to move away from it on his own.

Failing to realize how drained we were from 10 hours of drinking and swimming and sun just added to the surrealism of the entire experience. As we approached the cars to come home, The Gregger proposed that two of us ride home in the trunks of the rental cars. Seeing an opportunity to acclimate myself to the experience should I ever be kidnapped, I instantly volunteered. Dr. Drew also volunteered but I think he was just still suffering the effects of propane poisoning.

It was a lot more fun than you might think and I recommend it to those of you who are adventerous.


hello haha narf said...

dining outside on the beach at "the office" was one of my favorite cabo experiences. highly recommended!

and if you are going over to san jose, morgans is probably the best dining experience that i ever (and i do mean ever) encountered. worth the drive over there. only thing is, you must make a reservation for downstairs. upstairs simply can't compare to the atmosphere downstairs, outside yet inside. truly fucking amazing.

sorry your experience wasn't phenomenal, but at least it was an adventure!

Whiskeymarie said...

Now I want to go somewhere in a trunk. Dammit. Preferably in Mexico, thank you.