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Bar of the Month Blog

Posted by Gwen |

Busy weekend! Friday I had yummy snacks and drinks at some friends after work. Saturday I was in Carlinville for my step-sister's wedding (pictures will follow later this week) and yesterday I designed a new blog for our Bar of the Month outings.

Have a great Monday people!


hello haha narf said...

woman, you make me wanna come to st. louis on a bom outting date. looks like a blast!

(and i so won't make fun of you missing an f. hehe)

Whiskeymarie said...

If I'm ever in your part of the world, we need to get some bar o'the month pics posted.

Gwen said...

Hello: You know there is a standing invitation to come to STL anytime. The guest room is always ready.

WM: I would certainly document any visit from you in pictures! Hello's standing invite extends to you also.