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Not Your Typical Monday Night

Posted by Gwen |

Most Monday nights you can find me parked on my couch watching 30 Rock and How I Met Your Mother. Last night, however, I went out with my friends and danced my ass off at an invitation-only Private Show sponsored by Jack Daniels and featuring the Latin hip-hop band Ozomatli. Described as Part Political Idealism, Part Cuban Carnival, Ozo kicks ass. Those fellas rocked my socks off last night. We didn't stop moving from the first note to the last.

Plus? There were free drink tickets.

This was my first "sponsored" concert so I was amazed when we walked in and I saw that they had replaced all the liquor on the back bar with black-label Jack Daniels. I apologize for the quality of this shot, I was so darned excited about all the Jack that I forgot how to use my camera!

The unusually quick service tipped us off that the bartenders were planted by Jack Daniels as well.

This guy was our favorite. He made delicious whiskey drinks!

LM, Mary and Zana and I sporting our Jack Schwag.

Jazz hands!

As you can see, I was a big fan of the Gentleman Jack drink stirrers.
Don't ask me why I have a highlighter in my purse. I'm a nerd.


Suzie said...

kewl...sounds like a lot of fun... the only thing I know is Jack and coke.

Whiskeymarie said...

I honestly can't remember EVER drinking Jack. In my entire life. Hello, my name is Whiskeymarie and I'm a total fraud.
How odd.
How could this have happened?
Windsor? Check.
Maker's Mark? Check.
Jameson? Check.
Cheap-assed bar pour? Check.

I have to try and make this right somehow.

Utah Savage said...

You enthusiasm is infectious. I'm trying to remember my favorite whiskey. But it's been so long. I used to bar-tend at a little French restaurant in Springfield, MO. Thirty years ago, and too many drugs in between. Don't get excited. Perscribed. Mostly.