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LAX Eyecandy, A Haiku

Posted by Gwen |

beautiful AND reads
combination makes me want
to have his babies


Utah Savage said...

well... did you jump his bones?

LM said...

...and smart glasses!

hello haha narf said...

did he notice you taking his photo? that young man certainly is fine. yum. although no one really is fine enough to make me wanna have his babies. hehe

on the airplane to texas on tuesday morning i got the hot guy next to me to take his shirt off. we totally should have joined the mile high club. i chickened out.

Whiskeymarie said...

He looks tall.
I like, no- I LOVE tall.


amy & jeff said...

dang! there's a whole lot to like there, I say. The last guy that sat across from me in an airport wore pleated dockers, was perpetually sweaty (it was Florida) and talked VERY LOUDLY on his cell hone. He was not this guy. At. All.