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The Lady Made Monday FUN!

Posted by Gwen |

Yesterday The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch donned a large, black paper moustache as a way of letting us know it was her day to post over at Burt Reynold's Moustache*. Being that it was a Monday and I had nothing better to do except work, I followed her direction to "Distribute Moustaches" and promptly made two.

Of course I couldn't wait to get mine on, but then I found I couldn't stop performing the one-man "I can't pay the rent!" skit, no matter how old it got.

The other one was for Lil BRR. She told me she believes coffee will make her strong and therefore able to grow a Zappa 'stache.

After everyone saw us sporting our sporty Lady Staches, they all wanted in on the action.

Double twisting = twice the sinister!

Unable to resist the siren song of a really good fad, Elvis came back from the beyond and put one on!

But it wasn't until the LOL dogs started doing it that it really took off. Never underestimate the power of the LOL.

Vampire dogs were in:

Bulldog dogs were in:

And then we started taking calls from the B-list celebs. This guy, Mickey, is the nephew of Yukon Cornelius. His celebrity bloodline is undeniable when he dons the Lady Stache.

But when The Pioneer Woman's horses, Internet A-listers, hopped on board, I knew The Lady's Monday Diversion Moustache craze was on like Donkey Kong. They heard about it through their RSS feed. Snap.

Sadly, though, this wondrous fad jumped the shark by COB (that's corporate-speak for close of business) when this guy was let in. His name is Harry and he isn't the brightest bulb in the scoreboard.

I don't know his whole story but in the 25 minutes it took for me to make his 'stache (see work diversion reference above), he had already gotten in two fights. Poor dummy doesn't realize he's just a head. Every time he takes a punch he howls and says, "Call me Harry." A fad just can't keep it's street cred after the goons get in.

So I guess I'm here to say thanks to The Lady for her Monday Diversion Moustache. It was fun while it lasted.

Even my niece thought it was funny!

* The Lady's post is about Mother's Day and references hosebags. Go read it.


The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

Gwen - honey you just made my Tuesday! I've never been trendy before. I'm so glad my silliness paid off!

Utah Savage said...

Bulldogs look best with mustaches--it just looks so very natural.

othurme said...

Now you need to start a barber shop quartet.

-R- said...

I love the sinister twirling picture the best.

pistols at dawn said...

It's like a movie from 1910 where everyone's a railroad tycoon. I love it.

McGone said...

As I am sorely lacking in the "Manly Ability To Grow Facial Hair" department, this post hurt a little.

Excuse me...