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Posting from the Left Coast

Posted by Gwen |

I am writing this post from Room 524 of The Mosser Hotel (lobby pictured left) in San Francisco. I'll be here just under 24 hours and working, so don't be jealous.

I've never stayed in this hotel before. My old stand-bys were booked so I had to branch out and find another cute little boutique hotel with an interesting past. I did a good job. This one was built in 1913 and renovated in 2003 by Charles Mosser, a philanthropist who supports reforestation and literacy, among other things. Accordingly, I feel pretty good about being here.

Speaking of being here, can you believe I'm in San Francisco and NOT getting to meet Othurme and Jestertunes? Seems they'd rather go see KT Tunstall than me. Whatever. They probably wouldn't have liked me anyway - my feet stink. I've been sitting here for about 20 minutes checking email, etc. and wondering all the while why such a nice hotel room smells like vinegar. A quick sniff of my pigs confirmed it isn't the room. Hey! Don't judge! I've been walking on them all day! In airports!

Sheesh. This is a really bad post. I'm going to go wash my feet and watch TV. And by that I mean sit here marinating in my own stench and watch TV.


The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

I wish I could have stayed in hotels like that when I traveled all the time for work. I always had to stay near the vet clinic where I was working and the towns were pretty small so I was lucky to get a Comfort Suites half the time.

It was serious good living if it was a Hampton Inn.

I will keep this lovely place in mind for future reference when I travel with MDH.

amy & jeff said...

My sister brought her boyfriend on a trip when we were younger and his feet smelled SO BADLY that we made him keep his shoes on the balcony becasue they were stinking up the room. I would have made him cut off his feet and put them out there as well but my mom told me that would be rude.

othurme said...

I am really sorry we didn't get to meet this trip especially given how disappointed I was with the concert. The lesbians (apparently her fan base) we really enjoying it, though.

Utah Savage said...

I'm constipated, if that makes you feel better about the feet.

Gwen said...

Lady: Email me and I can give you some other, even better, suggestions for San Fran. See my post titled Room 204 for one of my better SF hotel experiences.

Amy: Thankfully mine wasn't that bad - just an occasional whiff. And I like the way my own stinnk smells.

Othurme: So my stinky feet are better than KT Tunstall? D'awwww! I'd have called you today if I hd your # - I got done at 12 and my flight home wasn't until 4:20. I switched to an earlier flight instead.

Savage: No, because I know that pain and it's not fun. Plus? As I said above, I like my own stinky smells. I hope everything comes out ok, hon.

hello haha narf said...

damn, i do so know that "wait, is it MY feet that stink" realization. hehe