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The results are in! We're all pigs!

Posted by Gwen |

If you've been around here anytime in the last week you might have noticed, but not necessarily taken, the poll where I asked y'all if you peed in the shower. Look left. Yeah, that one.

Well, a total of thirteen people participated. One of those was me. I know for a fact there a lot more of you who come here everyday. I have a sitemeter and I check it daily. Yesterday I had 44 visitors. So, really? Only 12 of you could be bothered to click and vote? Really? Tsk. Tsk. Color me disappointed.

Anyway, of the 12 of you who participated (Thanks!), 11 admitted they pee in the shower. Good for you! I was one of the yes votes, too. I admit it. When the hot water hits my legs, it's all over. I simply cannot hold it and I don't want to get back out in the cold air. More than that, though, I really don't want to get the floor and toilet seat all wet. I do think it's kind of gross but I do it anyway because I'm lazier than I am fastidious. I hope knowing this about me doesn't change the delicate-flower image you had of me.

I googled the topic "peeing in the shower" and was pleasantly suprised by how little p$rn came up at the top of the results. I was also pleasantly surprised by the number of women who stand proud every morning, united in the freedom to pee standing up, without wiping, and with no concern for where it's going.

These women had a lot to say about the subject. One said it was probably the most environmentally conscious thing she did. Another boldly asserted that peeing in the shower is completely establishment and that she does it more often than she flosses. (Me, too!) Another described it as a Pavlovian repsonse to warm water, which I imagine makes for a really messy and awkward pedicure.

My hands-down favorite repsonse, however, was from the woman who felt the need to explain that when she has to take a dump, she gets out. Sister, I think that's an appropriate place to draw the line.


amy & jeff said...

Yeah, I pee in there everyday and I was proud to check "yes" on your poll. Pooping in the shower, however convenient it may seem, it not something ANYONE should do. Seriously. Don't poop in the shower.

amy & jeff said...

"is" not something.....

I can lern to tipe.

Little Brr said...

And yet another reason to pee in the shower... It stops dirty bacteria from growing in your tub and on your feet...aka athletes foot.

othurme said...

I think it's good for all those jelly fish stings I get while showering.

McGone said...

Oh... you should have specified "everyday" or just "ocassionally." Because when I voted I was admitting that I have, but not that I make it a habit.

And before you make a new poll, I'll just tell you right now... no. I have never shit in a shower. I don't really think I want to try it either.

Whiskeymarie said...

I,too, only do it occasionally, but I have no shame whatsoever about it when I do. Pee proud!

...Just don't tell my husband. He's easily grossed out and I'd like to continue having occasional marital relations, thank you.

Anonymous said...

nutting wrong with peeing in the shower...i mean it is sterile and the water is whisking the pee away and you are gonna wash yourself and all. (can you guess that i was one of those who voted yes? hehe)

hello haha narf said...

woops...i am anonymous up there!