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Sunny Sight-Seeing Sunday

Posted by Gwen |

Fernando and I took it easy Saturday night. After the big show on Friday night and a huge lunch after Amy's graduation, we were pooped. We spent the evening watching movies with Big Bowl Of Candy, another important resident in my house. We watched I'm Not There. He loved it. I thought it was ok.

Sunday morning we drank coffee and played on the Internets until it was time to pick up LM for a big day of sight-seeing. In anticipation of all the walking we would eventually be doing, we started with pedicures. Fernando agrees that a lady should take good care of her pigs.

The pedicure ladies were all giggly and excited about Fernando. I guess pigs are good luck totems in Vietnam. They just keep exclaiming, "Is he lucky? Lucky pig?" And I guess any pig that gets a pedicure is lucky indeed.

"What the heck is that green stuff? It smells funny! Can I eat it?"

Our destination was, of course, The Arch, but we meandered through town on the way there and stopped when there was something he wanted to see. We showed him The Botanical Gardens:

And the fountain in Tower Grove Park:

And Bevo Mill, originally used by August A. Busch, Sr. as a stopping place between his country home at Grant's Farm and his city business, then called the Anhueser-Busch Brewing Association:

We even stopped for a couple Slyders because not everyone's city has White Castle:

Hog Heaven!

After filling our (pork) bellies, we headed over to the Miniature Museum of Greater St. Louis to do a little (pun totally intended) shopping. The ladies tending the Museum could not have been more pleasant or helpful.

"Well, this was certainly a first for us!"

After meeting Fernando they ran around the store busily locating things pigs like, i.e. lettuce, green beans, guitars. We eventually settled on some corn, a pie, an Arch souvenir, and a Gibson Flying V electric guitar. The ladies were so smitten with Fernando that they threw in a bowl for his corn, gratis.

"She really spoiled me, McGone. I love her."

Having spent quite a bit of time tooling around town enjoying the sunny day with the top down, we finally headed to The Arch. On the way, Fernando asked to stop at Purina. Something about tasty pig kibble. Again, I didn't feel it was my place to ask questions.

In this shot, Fernando is perched on a concrete piling along the St. Louis Riverfront. Behind him is what you can currently see of the Lewis and Clark memorial statue. All you can see of the statue right now is Clark's head and shoulders. Or Lewis', I really have no idea.

This is what you should be able to see. Yes, the river is quite high right now.

We also had a little fun with Fernando. We told him that we were going to sell him to this street vendor if he didn't stop tooting in the car. I think the pie gave him a tummy ache. Poor baby.

After much piddling around on the riverfront, we finally arrived at The Arch.

"I understand all the fuss now that I've seen it! That thing is huge!"

"Look at me! I'm climbing up the south leg!"

I don't think he relished the idea of riding the tram up to the top, especially after he saw the tiny cars they use to get us up there. It's similar to crawling inside a dryer tumbler, and they cram five (!) people into each one.

I had to promise to hold him tight to my bosom the whole way up to get him in the car. I think he was over-acting a bit to negotiate copping a feel, but I went with it. He was pleased to learn that it takes 4 minutes to get to the top.

But once we were up there, all of his fears morphed into awe.

"You really can see for miles!"

Busch Stadium

The Old Courthouse, where the Dred Scott case was heard.


"It's scary when you look straight down!"

Looking longingly across the river into his home state, Illinois.

We had a beautiful day for sightseeing and I think he had a great time. It was late afternoon by the time we got home. We spent the evening catching up on Lost episodes we'd missed and playing guitar.

It was a good day.


McGone said...

Fantastic recap, Gwen. I like when he sees the sights, learns a little something and stays sober enough to remember it later. Hard to do in the hometown of Budweiser, but I knew he could show a little self control on occasion.

And I love the Flying V.

-R- said...

Thanks for the tour of St. Louis!

pistols at dawn said...

I was only in St. Louis once, and at the top of the Arch, I tried out what I believed was a very funny joke: "Hey, someone down there's stealing my car!"

No one else thought it was very funny, and then I was trapped up there with others for half an hour waiting to get down.

Poorly planned, me.

Thanks for reminding me of my shame.

Gwen said...

McGone: It didn't last. He had quite a few cocktails at the show last night.

-R-: Anytime! Give me a jingle if you're ever in town and I'll do the same for you. Including the pedi.

Pistols: I think it's hilarious and I intend to use it the next time I'm there. With your permission, of course. But it was fun to shame you, too.

Whiskeymarie said...

I'm so stupid that when I went to St. Louis, I didn't know you could actually go INTO and UP the arch.
We were road tripping, and when we were about an hour away to the next leg of the journey, my Mr. turns to me and goes, "I guess we really should have gone inside the arch, don't you think?"
I'm living vicariously through Fernando.

WendyB said...

Fernando got a guitar?! Your miniature store is way better than my miniature store. See, he IS a lucky pig!