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This morning I went to breakfast with Jeff and Amy of How To Make Kimchi at Sodafountain Square. On our way back to my house we saw the tail end of the annual PrideFest Parade lined up to head north on Grand Avenue. Being huge fans of parades and also the gays, we buzzed up ahead of the parade on a side street and got there in time to catch the last half-hour or so of the parade. We couldn't have timed it any better if we'd tried.

Miss Gay America

The Wet Bar

I love your hair.

That's one tall drink of ukelele.

The show went on, even in the rain.

Can I get a hell yeah?!

Amy and Jeff say, "Yay for Gay Pride!"

Dykes on Bikes.
(Can I say that? Guess I just did.)

Delicious Eye Candy

So sweet I almost went into a diabetic coma.

Cross-dressers are your friends, little man.

Now this gal . . . I loved her. She not only had the best bangs of the parade, but she was the lead car for this float:

The float that was carrying this little slice of heaven:

I can't tell you what it was but I instantly loved him and wanted to be his hag. I want us to be drinking buddies who one night get a little carried away and make out, and maybe some other stuff lower than the neck, but the next day we act like nothing happened and it's never spoken of again until the next time it happens and then we laugh about how silly it all was. Yeah, he'll criticize my hair and lip color and I'll handle his finances because he's not very good with money and we'll be best friends forever.

This is a short clip of him shaking his adorable moneymaker.

This next float wasn't marked but we suspected they were sponsored by a local burlesque show. I wish I had gotten better pictures of the gal above in the red boy shorts. She was amazing on that pole. I did get a tiny bit of video of her, too.

The swing on their float was also fun. When the gals were in "full swing" there was little left to the imagination.

I hate to disappoint or frighten this gal because she seemed so sweet, but somebody needs to tell her that her vagina's on the other side.


LM said...

That's funny.

amy & jeff said...

We had such a great time today. Nothing screams fun like breakfast burritos and drag queens in the rain. I'm still amazed at that chick's pole talent. Which is ironic considering.


othurme said...

Where the hell is the video that leaves nothing to he imagination! (because I have none)

Renaissance Woman said...

OMG looks like a great parade! So glad that you enjoyed and participated.

Whiskeymarie said...

I love that you have your whole "gay boyfriend" relationship planned out in your head.

pistols at dawn said...

Gay people love parades? Who knew? They seemed like such a quiet bunch.

mindy said...


Dr Zibbs said...

I love that the gays can be so stylish yet tacky in their parades. It's very curious.