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The Rose Man

Posted by Gwen |

Yesterday I read an article in the local paper about a St. Louis character, a man known as "The Rose Man." The Rose Man made his living selling roses at bars and concerts and clubs. Sadly, at 3:00 am Monday morning he was collateral damage in a drive-by shooting at a nightclub in an area of town unfamiliar to me.

Thinking about The Rose Man reminded me of one of the funnier exchanges The Gregger and I have ever had. I think we were all out for my birthday at Broadway Oyster Bar. It was pretty late. I was sitting next to The Gregger at the outside bar, talking, when a similar rose peddler approached us. I know it wasn't The Rose Man because I'd remember if this guy was wearing a red suit and hat.

The man extended a rose to The Gregger, the unspoken sales tactic. Without missing a beat I turned to TG and said, "If you loved me, you'd buy me a rose." Keep in mind The Gregger and I are not a couple, but I was acting like we were. I think I might have even grabbed his hand and made mooney eyes at him.

The Gregger paused, then looked me right in the eye and replied, "Well, this is really awkward, and probably bad timing, but I don't love you."

At this point we were really in character and playing it off so I slapped him. I thought that poor rose seller was going to have a heart attack. His eyes got huge.

The cherry on the top of this story is that another friend, Jimmy, was on the other side of the rose seller, was oblivious to our exchange, and in the same moment I smacked TG he handed me a rose bought from the vendor and said, "Happy birthday!". That poor rose man had no idea what to make of us and we almost died from the laughing.

Rest in peace, Rose Man.


LM said...

I actually got a little teary when I read that the Rose Man died. Back in my clubbing hey day, I feel like I saw that guy every weekened. I can actually still hear his voice saying "Rose for the lady?" to whatever male stranger was standing next to me. RIP, Rose Man.

Dr Zibbs said...

This is why I always advise the ladies to carry a fake gun in their purses. Could you imagine if you were able to pull a fake gun out of you purse and pretend to shoot the Gregger? That would have added at least two more cherries.

Anonymous said...

That was really funny, but it doesn't change the fact that I don't love you.


McGone said...

We have a Rose Man here, too. But we have cleverly named him "Rose Guy at 11:00."

Renaissance Woman said...

RIP Rose Man! Ours is usually a Rose Woman. I wonder if she sells more flowers?

Rob said...

The Rose Man died? I think Amy and I talked years ago about doing a TV show about couples lives after they got a visit from the Rose Man.